Monday, December 16, 2013

A Special Post: Zeco and Charma (Mini Short Series on GoAnimate)

The following post is made by "Zoney Hexxeiklozxai Ching", who is recently releasing and premiering his new mini short series, "Zeco and Charma" on GoAnimate, December 2013.

Hi GoAnimators of GoAnimate,

I've been making 2D Paper Cutout Stop Motion Cartoons from August 2007 to November 2013.
I've really spent lots of my time editing and improving some mistakes in my cartoons, but years
ago before making these 2D Paper Cutout Stop Motion Cartoons, I drew stuff on my paper since March 2003 until September 2006 and compiled the sheets to make a movie. (My work here before making ZaC is TOP-SECRET AND PRIVATE) However, in November 2013, I came to find the
perfect animation software to make my public cartoon after getting tired with my old work.
(Pictured Above) This is my work made in 10 November 2013 in MS Paint. 
They are the original characters.

Until I found, it's a video maker that you can make animated videos quickly, easily
and efficiently. I chosed the Lil' Petz theme in GoAnimate. The characters matched my drawing.
(Pictured Above) These are the characters matched my drawing.

I hope I got followers on GoAnimate. To the followers of YOU ALL RULES! :D

Watch this first short below:
<a href="" target="_blank">Zeco and Charma Short 1</a> by <a href="" target="_blank">Zeco and Charma</a> on <a href='' target="_blank">GoAnimate</a><br/><iframe scrolling="no" allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" width="400" height="258" src=""></iframe>

For now, once again, all thanks to Zeco Hexx (My best friend),  Charma plague, The CN (CNcartoons), Austin Permana, my followers on GoAnimate and my subscribers on YouTube. ALL OF YOU ARE SUCH REMARKABLE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. :)

By the way, if you excuse me, I still need to wait until 2014 so that my shorts can be better.

Thanks in advance,

Your friend here,
Zoney H.C.
Creator of Zeco and Charma, a mini short series on

P.S. I also sometimes make other stuff, okay?

Published to Webhosterguy's Promos Blog by Maplehexx (Zeco Hexx/Wizzy Permana/Wizzyper1/Random Chow)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seen for long time


This blog will STILL be HERE.

If you want to be with me, I'll send you back. :D


Wednesday, December 26, 2012



We have come to the end.

It is because of IAmMemy9909 and 2012greecity along with PinguxFan2012, SadLittleiCarlyFan and mariotehplumber.

It's all now *sobs* now- now, no longer better at ALL.

It's my time to bow out of here.....

By the way, Josh Geary and Joey Slikk as well!

You can meet Charma plague at GoAnimate. He's waiting for you.

And now,................

The Final Message and Final Reactions to all the BAD USERS OF YOUTUBE AND GOANIMATE:

VIDEO BELONGS TO HunterStrikesBack and SpongeBob footage belongs to Stephen Hillenburg, United Plankton Pictures, Nickelodeon, MTV Networks, Viacom and National Amusements.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Friday, January 20, 2012

Webhosterguy's Microblogging Service is back!

Thank You, SOPANESS.
The Webhosterguy Blackout is over - and our Club Penguin fans have spoken
WE'RE BACK! It's over 2 years posting our fun. We restored our blackout similar to Wikipedia and any other wikis. And two people chasing each other the second one chasing the first one. However, the first
one knocked myself doing the protest's chores: Painting the 2012 protest SOPA and PIPA blackout of Wikipedia then, causing me to fart. Later, I went to the toilet even I'm for a dump. Later, I was released.
Maplehexx was guarding the area, the two gangs (formerly a parody of Tom and Jerry) chasing and he
says "STOP!!! OUTCHASERS are not allowed to chase each other!". The first gang's back touching
the off switch causing the blackout and my parodied bill to be disabled. (Only fictional! Real one is from

This is about money,........................................................ (Continuing full Jessie J song), It's about
our internet knowledge. We're now restored all over! We should stay because we're not rickrolled.

Our main mission is to package our franchises, distribute our series to the internet, copy our datas
and put into our database called "Webhosterguy's Club Penguin Stuffs and anything else Database"

SOPA, PIPA and us were not dead. We're kind-of database, Social Networking, Microblogging,
franchising and distributing service company (except SOPA and PIPA).

We're turning the lights back on. Help us to protect from losing internet!

There's no reviews to show. Nothing, we're back for all eternity!!!

That's all. We can't show your voice heard ALREADY!!!

 ______░████░░_________stop and protest
______░░YES░░_________SOPA and PIPA
___░░░IT'S ALL░░░______Internet
____░░Internet was░░_______be
_____  ░░░░░░_________AGAIN!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Webhosterguy Promos Site Blocked!

I told you that is a parody of the real protesting bill!

Hail SOPA, Hail Webhosterguy!

Imagine a Club Penguin Universe
without free puffles, cheats, chating, GoAnimate universe,
memes, Your Mom and other things by Webhosterguy
Well, this is embarrassing,  we received a O_O (blackout, I told you!). For a decade, Me and
maplehexx were best pesties in Austin Permana's Universe History. Right now, U.S. congress,
Club Penguin, Pandanda, BOF (Universal Bureau of Fictional Literature), MMK (Mabel Mongrel
Khan), Antarctican Fictional Universe, EPF (Elite Penguin Force), PSA (Penguin Secret Agency,
former EPF Elite Penguin Force Member, Time Agency, Disney and Webhosterguy Promos
is considering legislation that could fatally damage the internet universe of Webhosterguy Promos and
Austin Permana and D-Hexx Annoations networks. For any 24 hours, we are receiving O_O Blackouts
due to stop protesting SOPA and PIPA also, planning to use popcorn guns as weapons and banners
saying "WE WANT TO PROTEST YOU!" and you fans of Club Penguins biggest
fan, we passed away to protest every single day! Herbert from Club Penguin trying to "POP!" the whole
internet (Based on PSA's dissolved day, and the mission "The Veggie Villain"  by PSA and EPF,
that destroys the "WINTER SPORTS" Sports Shop and the PSA Headquarters everything! Now,
replaced by Everyday Phoning Facility.) We are putting to a end of Webhosterguy and everything else
from him!                                                                                                                                          
We'll return until Wikipedia's protest if OVER!. In the meantime, go here for further information and
see this blackout image!, see this Uncyclopedia Blackout!. and search "Club Penguin", create
or not create account. And we want YOU to be a fan of us!                                                
 Welcome to Webhosterguy's Promos!
we are 100% showing censored contents which is blocked due to Pornography, sex, adult content
private parts, ads showing people for a date, killed/deceased people, sexy and thin ladies, innapropriate
contents, contents from Viacom, contents from Harold Camping, contents from Ziggy Marley, contents
from Sony Music, WMG, UMG, contents from The Cartoon Network, Inc., Indian cartoon contents
all about proper Ole Kirk Christiansen and End Of The World contents.
You know what's it all about? NO! It's blackout and you can see some light and you can't read it!
SOPA and PIPA is annoying us, The Club Penguin Randomness and Hackerness is naming us on
the list that we're shown a Social Networking E-Mail Sending and Micro-Fully Blogging Service.
PROMOS <> "SOPA is a kind-of protesting establishment which we want to protest" - Webhosterguy, Administrator-Bounded Puffle-Penguin CEO and Founder of Webhosterguy Promos.
"SOPA should be used in Satan "Kind-Of" Agency Bureau Company Establishment and should be
blackout by all of the imposters and protesters including us." - Maplehexx, leader of the D-HA Company
and Webhosterguy, LLC.
Also, Remember,: SOPA is going to blackout, Webhosterguy Not-Really to be blackout YouTube,
Wikipedia, Disney and even Uncyclopedia and any wikis which got blackout platform interface.
Supporting it, closing our best pesties day ever, but tomorrow, this time, we're BACK!
Let's make us a good social network about Club Penguin Webhosterguy!
______░████░░_________stop and protest
______░░LOL░░_________SOPA and PIPA
___░░░SOPA &░░░______Internet
__░░░PIPA SO...░░░_____will
____░░Internet will░░_______be
_____░░be back!░░________back
_____  ░░░░░░_________AGAIN!
Make your voice heard:
GoAnimate - Hexxkululuplaguecreator3000
Domo Animate - Zecoversiondominator
YouTube - Austinper1
Twitter - CpWebhosterguyw